Book Overview


Art Proverbs follows the wisdom of our Forefathers all the way through ancient history to King Solomon, ultimately reaching Wisdom itself, the Creator of the universe. To Jesus Christ Himself, the True, Royal Proverb.


Art Proverbs is laced with Patriotic common sense, saturated with sweet Justice, and filled with rich, creamy Dignity.


Art Proverbs opens the door to Truth, Integrity, Honesty, Loyalty, Diplomacy, Virtue, Honor, and Discretion.


Art Proverbs picks up a Poetic Paint Brush, and draws upon your life’s canvas the picture words that will make you a magnificently brilliant person as you walk in your life’s journey.


Art Proverbs ultimately leads you, guides you, and guards you to stay on course, with the ability to live skillfully as you are mentored into an Olympic Champion of Honorable Character.